3rd Printing Training and Workshops in India

The key concepts covered in 3D printing training sessions are :
  • Introduction to 3D printing
  • Types of 3D printing
  • Applications of 3D printing
  • 3D printing in Indian industrial context
  • Exploration of 3D databases
  • Familiarizing with CAD/CAM software
  • 3D Design exercises
  • Designing your component
  • Slicing and Support material generation
  • 3D model optimization and orientation
  • Working of a 3D printer
  • Printing your 3D model

Training sessions offered:

Workshops and Seminars

We offer 1-2 day workshops conducted by experts in 3D printing technology with adept hands-on experience. The best part about our workshops is that the topics and the duration can be customized accordingly.

Product Development with 3D Printing

We offer 2 months program to nurture the product development acumen of students while imparting comprehensive knowledge on Design Thinking and 3D Printing and making them industry-ready.


Why do this?

  • Participants can see their digital designs turn into 3D models in a single automated step, inspiring their creativity and innovation.
  • Participants can gain Hands-on learning experience while building the prototypes.
  • This technology aligns very well with activity based models of learning and allows participants to fabricate whatever they think of, thus enhancing their design skills and enabling them to be creators and makers.
  • World renowned institutions like Harvard, MIT, NID, IIT and NIT use 3D Printing in design thinking and manufacturing education.
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