3d printing for packaging


Packaging is an essential component for any product that needs to reach the market, thus being a marketing strategy that serves utilitarian purpose. Packaging ensures protection of the products during distribution, storage, transport, or use. Attractive and appropriate packaging is also a definite value addition to marketing various products. Packaging industry offers customized solutions to various industries depending on such factors as structural design, shelf life, product use, logistics, aesthetics, labelling, and end use.

Mass production in numerous industries also requires mass production of packaging in order to take the products to the market. Preservation is an essential packaging consideration for quality and usability of products, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Branding and attractiveness are equally important to make the products saleable. Packaging industry on the whole plays a key role in boosting consumption and thereby the turnover and brand value of the manufacturers.

3D Printing advantage:2

The biggest advantage of using 3D Printing technology for the packaging industry is to be able to produce a packaging that can suit any product shape or size, with effortless scalability and design reuse. Package design and manufacturing can also benefit from making of 3D printed prototypes of the product, whereby design modifications in the product during various phases of manufacturing can be translated to changes in the package designs virtually without losing time, money, or effort. The use of 3D printing for Packaging could, in near future, replace flexographic and offset printing techniques which are in use today.

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