3rd printing in manufacturing industry


Manufacturing industry involves fabrication, processing, and preparation of products based on raw materials and commodities.From hand-crafting to using high-end technologies, manufacturing industry supports many industries as the backbone, through large-scale/batch production with varied levels of precision meeting the desired and necessary industry-specific requirements and standards.

Production may finally provide parts or whole of equipment or finished goods, depending on the industry.

The manufacturing industry today encompasses various traditional domains such as food, petrochemicals, textiles, furniture and infrastructure as well as modern-day advancements including electronics and electrical equipment, instrumentation and sensors, aerospace, and pharmaceutics and biotechnology.

Revolutionizing with 3D Printing technology

3D printing technology is a novel approach for manufacturing metal and plastic parts by foundries. This technology can prevent tooling and machining works involved in traditional manufacturing and provide significant advantages including:

  • Saving a lot of time through faster rate of production although the complexity of the product is high.

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  • Cost effectiveness and eliminating tooling costs.
  • The same mould design can be employed with different materials as per the requirement.
  • Error-free designs are achievable by checking for accuracy and strength before printing. Hence the parts will be free of risks and can save production costs.
  • Rapid prototyping can help the customers with low volume needs and higher complexity in the design of components.
  • Reusable master patterns can be made with the help 3D printing technology.

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