3d Printing in Jewellery Industry


Jewellery is a symbol of personal portrayal and identity through adornments including brooches, rings, necklaces, ear-rings, and bracelets which may complement the attire and complete the fashion. Jewellery is also one of the most frequently evolving and inconstant trends while also being durable in order to justify its expense.

Modern jewellery is essentially a fashion statement and thus incorporates a variety of materials, colours, designs, and styles. This diversely evolving nature of the industry requires quick production and low-cost replication, without compromising on the design, style, or colour.

Reshaping Jewellery industry with 3D printing

Since a long time now, the moulds for iterative production of jewellery pieces are being manufactured using 3D printing technology. But only recently, jewellers are 3D printing their work directly in metal or plastic. 3D printing gives an unparalleled advantage of creating forms and shapes that would be impossible to create using conventional methods. Highly detailed filigree and ornate designs can be realised with ease using 3D printing. 3D printed jewellery offers huge advantage while dealing with mass-customized, on-demand production.

3D Printing Technology helps in:

  • High level of detail, accuracy and precision to avoid unnecessary loss of 2precious metal or stone in making jewellery
  • Use of wide range of materials
  • Re-casting of old/retired jewellery to make contemporary designs and styles
  • Low-cost, faster product development and marketing
  • Designing jewellery that is not conventionally mouldable in terms of geometry and mechanics, including hidden closing mechanisms
  • Providing comfort and ease of use for customers who can upload/choose the design through mobile apps or a Web interface