3D Printing in the Education Industry

3D Printing in the Education Industry

We strongly believe that the 3D Printing technology is not limited to the industrial applications, but is a very powerful educational tool. Young minds need to be updated with futuristic technologies in order to cope with the ever competing world. And 3D printing technology especially, spurs innovations and inventions as it provides a unique edge to experiential learning. It offers a huge scope for creative thinking and innovation as tangible models can be used for learning conventional concepts. Testing and improving the designs will be a lot easier for the inventors with rapid prototyping technology.

Educating students on 3D printing can give them comprehensive knowledge on product development and material properties. Apart from this, integrating 3D printing technology in educational systems can make the learning process easier and also creates interest in topics learnt. Teaching mathematical equations, graphs and complex mathematical models using 3D printed prototypes help students visualize them in a better way. In the same way, intrinsic Biological parts, Geological topographies, Historical artefacts and even arts can be expounded with the help of 3D printed models and interest can be created in the respective subjects.

3D Printing in education is important for us because:

  • The existing educational system need to be revamped to p3D Printing in Schoolsrovide better learning experience and produce more thinkers and innovators.
  • Everyone should be in par with the technological advancements. More importantly, students should be empowered with futuristic technology to sustain competition in the future.
  • Only when more people are educated on this technology, there are better chances of using it to the best extent possible.
  • 3D printing technology makes experimenting with product designs easier and thus promulgating entrepreneurial mind-set.

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